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Fluorescent Light Films
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Payment Information

1. Credit Card
  • meets the highest security standards to protect your private information.
  • We do not store your credit card information on our systems in any way.
  • You can pay directly with Visa or MasterCard.
  • For American Express or Discover, please use the PayPal Payment Method.
2. PayPal
  • PayPal transactions are limited to $10,000 maximum total per order.
  • All major credit cards are accepted with the PayPal option.
  • You can pay using PayPal without having to have a PayPal account.
  • PayPal is highly respected for protecting customer's private information.
3. By Phone
  • You can call us and verbally give us your credit card information over the phone.
  • We recommend you use a land line if you decide to verbally give us your credit card information.
  • Simply call: 1-855-956-8725 with your order number or start a new order over the phone.

Placing orders

You may place your orders through the website or call in your orders.
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